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Active Violence Emergency Response Training

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About A.V.E.R.T.

When active violence occurs, time is critical to survival. Being able to react quickly and with confidence is vital to saving lives.  AVERT goes beyond active shooter training and uses dynamic methods to teach employees proactive awareness, how to react and protect themselves and others in a violent situation, and how to respond to severe injuries that are often a result of these occurrences.

Individuals will receive basic information on what to expect in an online module followed by classroom instruction that uses dynamic techniques with hands-on training to reinforce the taught life-saving skills.

ADVERT emphasizes training in:

  1. Warning Signs and Situational Awareness

  2. Recognizing signs of a potential aggressor

  3. Active Shooter Response Procedures

  4. Knowing the difference between cover and concealment

  5. Escape, Evade, Attack, 

  6. Emergency Stop the Bleed Training Techniques














Give employees the confidence they need to respond with the appropriate action if active violence or a life-threatening situation arises.

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Save A Life - Save A Friend

Call or email Robert Sirmons to discuss details and schedule a class.  Or, send a message below.

Ph: (803) 553-7711


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